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Arnold, Thea S.Noel BriandKathleen BullisColletti, Sally Cupina, Donna Fennell, Linda K.Kathleen S. Hester Hopkins, Robin L. Lane, DebraJane LehmanLittlejohn, Helen MacIntosh, Andrea J. Maneeley, DeborahLynn Mendes Quarantoa-Sepanj, Debra Resource Center for Independent Living Ryan, Sarah Sas, KathleenVera SharpsteenSpringbrookTracy, ClaudiaUnity House of Cayuga County Inc. Utter, Susan Vasquez, Millie Witter, Janice

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Thea S. Arnold
43 Grand Avenue
Johnson City, NY 13790
Phone: (607) 770-6021
Languages spoken other than English: Some Spanish, Some French
Counties Served: Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, Tompkins, Chemung
I am both the parent of a child with a developmental disability and a professional in the field. I work for Parent to Parent of NYS which runs support groups, matches parents of children with like disabilities, and shares important information. Having been a teacher for many years, I am creative energetic and responible. I look forward to helping you create an innovative, capacity-based CSS plan.

Noel Briand
471 Oregon Road
Gilbertsville, NY 13776
(607) 783-2471

I have been Special Education Teacher for 16 yrs., CSE/CPSE Chairperson for 5 yrs.,  New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH) Wavier- Program Director (4 county initiative).  Person centered plans and budget development were a part of my experience (ISPs & IEPs).  I also worked through Springbrook as a Respite Provider, Day Hab and Res Hab worker for 2 years.
Serving:  Chenango; Otsego; Delaware

Kathleen Bullis
P.O. Box 914
Oxford, NY 13830
(607) 843-9651 (H); (607) 226-1111(cell)

AA in Human Services; Parent of Autistic child; Facilitating workshops using TEACCH methods to teach parents and support people to set up programs and households to Autism friendly.  Parent member of CSE; Founding member of Chenango Autism Parent Support group; Member of Parent-to-Parent.
Serving:  Chenango; Cortland; Madison; Broome; Otsego; Delaware

Sally Colletti
333 Birch Street
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: (607) 754-9694
Languages spoken other than English:
Counties Served: Broome DDSO, Taconic DDSO, Central DDSO
I have been the president of the Central NY Autism Society, Inc., as well as chairman of the Board sicne 1999. I have been a voting member of the Family Support Services Council of OMRDD since 2001. I am a voting member of the NYS-ILC Council. Being a Startup and Support broker, I create person-centered planning built around the supports, abilities and hopes of a person with autism or other developmental disabilities. I am a parent of a teenager with a autism. Along the way I have counseled hundreds of families in how to best advocate for their children. Using my strong advocacy skills, as well as my strong belief in people with autism, I can help you and your family gain the most from community resources, schools districts, and the Medicaid HCBS Waiver. My education includes a B.A. in Social Work from Russell Sage College and have written over 40 CSS plans.

Donna Cupina
Stein Drive
Endicott NY 13760
Phone: (607) 722-8253
Languages spoken other than English:
Counties Served: Broome, Tioga, Chanango, Delaware
Currently, I am the Director of a Supported Employment provider, as well as a Medicaid Service Coordination program. I am also a Medicald Service Coordinator. I have more than 27 years of experience in working with the disabled population in New York and have been through extensive training through the University of Buffalo for vocational rehabilitation. I have completed the Start-up Broker training and have a good knowledge base of the CSS process. I attend CSS review meetings at the Broome DDSO on a monthly basis.

Linda K. Fennell
4449 Adlai Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13215
Phone: (315) 492-8201
Languages spoken other than English:
Counties Served: Onondaga, Madison
I have been a Medicaid Service Coordinator since 1995 for people with traumatic brain injury and developmental disabilities. I have developed person-centered plans and CSS plans and budgets for a number of people since 2002. I have experience with leased vehicles through CSS, as well as home ownership through OMRDD's Home of Your Own program. I also have experience working with children and the school system.

Kathleen S. Hester
477 Chambers Road
Horseheads, NY 14845

An Associate Degree in Human Service and 30 years of personal experience advocating for the physically challenged and have gained knowledge in accounting and personal finance and am comfortable creating budgets.  Currently, I work for the Chemung ARC where I have worked in the residential program for 6 years, have assisted in creating and implementing valued outcome plans, participated in circle of support meetings, and writing the required monthly summary reports.  I am known for being fair and open-minded and completing tasks in a timely manner.
Serving:  Chemung; Steuben

Robin L. Hopkins
65 North Main Street, Apt A
Homer NY 13077
Phone: (607) 423-7311
Languages spoken other than English: ASL
Counties Served: Cortland, Tompkins, Broome, Onondaga
ASL I am currently an MSC. I bring numerous year sof experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. I have my (BA) in Gerontology. I completed one year of housing coordination. In my MSC role, established circles of support along with faciliatating person-centered plans. I currently have no experience creating budgets and CSS plans. I have created TBI budgets and plans. I ahve a great amount of knowledge in accessing services via the waiver and building relationships with people. I have skills in good oral communication and written communication. I have strong advoacy skills.

Debra Lane
209 North Manlius Road
Fayetteville, NY 13066
Phone: (315) 632-4132
Languages spoken other than English:
Counties Served: Madison, Onondaga, Cortland, Oswego
The education I would bring to the role of Startup Broker is that I am a Registered Nurse and I also have 29 years experience working with people with disabilities. I have a 29 year old sone who is also a successful participant in the Self-Determination Program. My experience for creating clrcles, person centered plans, creating budges and CSS plans is only related to my own son's plan at this time. My ongoing experience is changing as the CSS program evolves. I have also been involved in one other PCP at a former place of employment. My experience as a parent and having been through the CSS application process is what I feel that I can bring to those with disabilities. I have the personal experience with every aspect of developing CSS plans, and I know I can help others with their dreams.

Jane Lehman
173 Thayer Road
Erin, NY 14838

B.A. Psychology from University of Maryland; I have a 27 yr. old son who has autism/retardation; Worked in Spencer-VanEhen CSE office for 4 yrs. Attended Broker Training; Experienced with the CSS process as a  parent of and individual who participates in the CSS program.
Serving:  Chemung; Tioga 

Helen Littlejohn
1868 Atwater Road
King Ferry, NY 13081
Phone: (315) 364-5161
Languages spoken other than English:
Counties Served: Courtland, Cayuga, Ontario, Seneca, Tompkins.
I have a BS in Human Services - Family and Children's studies. I have been in the OMRDD field since our family adopted spcial needs children (15+ years). I also worked for Cortland Co. DSS in Child Protective/Foster Care Unit and Seneca Cayuga ARC as the Assistant Director of Community Services. I have a wide knowledge of services and funding sources. My husband and I adopted 8 special needs children and gave birth to 4.

Andrea J. MacIntosh
493 City Rte 10A
Norwich NY, 13815
Phone: (607) 334-9850
Languages spoken other than English: Sign Language (ALU)
Counties Served: Chenango, Otsego, Delaware, Madison
B.S. Speech and Hearing Handicapped - TSHH Certified as NYS Permenant Teach (MS ED). Eight years teaching. Speech and Language Therapist. School and private contracted through Chenango County. Currently, a member of COS for an 18 year old autistic student. I have attended bootcamps for CSS. I have written goals and objectives (outcomes) for younger and older students with severe cognitive and social disabilities. I have worked extensively on community and functional living outcomes for older students. I would also offer my services as a support broker for existing CSS plans.

Deborah Maneeley
4281 Polaris Course
Liverpool, NY 13090
Phone: (315) 559-3100
Languages spoken other than English: Sign Language (ALU)
Counties Served: Oswego, Madison, Onondaga
I have been a Medicaid Service Coordinator since 2001 and have been providing startup broker and support broker services since 2005. I worked in the field of early childhood education for 17 years and is fluent in sign language. I enjoy assisting people with disabilities to create a plan that will enhance their lives and enable people to be all they can be. I specialize in staffing issues.

Lynn Mendes
60 Mead Street
Walton, NY 13856
(607) 510-4065

I am the parent of a 16 yr. old young man with Down Syndrome who has an active CSS plan.  I have been training and actively participating in Person Centered Planning, Maps & Circle of Supports.  I attended and completed the Broker Institute training.  Self-Determination and CSS has changed our lives!  My strengths are in supporting other families.  I have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and have knowledge of sign language.  I love working with children.  I am willing and able to support people through the CSS process. 
Serving:  Delaware; Broome; Otsego

Quarantoa-Sepanj, Debra
3991 State Highway 38B
Newark Valley NY
Phone: (607) 642-8118
Counties Served:Broome, Chenango, Orange, Tioga, New York City, Sullivan
Parent of Aolescent daughter with Autism. Successfully researched and implemented Holistic, Alternative and Conventional therapies; Participates and Assists in research through Seaver Center for Autism at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC; Continually participates in continued education programs for Autism, mental health and developmental disabilities; worked as a Youth Division Aie V for NY State Division for Yoth, developing and implementing habilitation programs for youth offenders in community-based residential settings; academic background in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

Resource Center for Independent Living (Debbie Trotz)
409 Columbia Street
Utica NY 13503
Phone: (315) 797-4642
Counties Served: Madison, Oneida, Lewis, Herkimer, Onondaga
I am a spunky woman that enjoys assisting individuals with self-directing their services. I take pride in the things I can do and have accomplished. I have experience with writing individual habilitation plans along with utilizing community resources to asist individuals with their current needs. I have a degree in Recreational Leadership (Human Service) with a Business Management emphasis. I have experience working as a CSS Coordinator at RCIL to a Startup/Support Broker and I am here to assist with creating and managing individualized budgets.

Sarah Ryan
620 County Road 35
Oxford NY 13830
Phone: (607) 226-2919
Counties Served: Chenango, Broome, Delaware
Bachelors in Human Services, Lieutenant Oxford Emergency Squad, Current Preschool Teacher.

Kathleen Sas
24 Prospect Ave
Binghamton, NY 13901
Phone: (607) 724-2111
Counties Served: Oswego, Madison, Onondaga
Has served on the local Self-Determination Committee for several years; has been involved in the program since it's inception as a Medicaid Service Coordinator and a Startup Support Broker as well as a parent of an individual receiving CSS. First plan written in 2004 with several others written in the last year. This includes using Person-Centered Planning to developing a plan to creating a personalized budget to help meet the consumer's needs. Also, has 11 years experience as a Service Coordinator under OMRDD as well as prior experience as an employment specialist.

Vera Sharpsteen
311 County Rte. 60
Waverly, NY 14892
 (607) 331-0798 or (607) 565-2903

For the past 5 years I have been Sr. Service Coordinator for a very successful Home Health Carte Agency.  In this position I provide staff scheduling, deal with issues, with problem solving skills.  I have also made client visits to set up care as well as maintain successful services for these individuals.  I love helping people and I love what I do.  Serving:  Chemung

2705 State Highway 28
Oneonta, NY 13820
Contact person:  M. Madeline Sansevere
(607) 286-7171

Springbrook (formerly the Upstate Home for Children & Adults) was founded in 1925.  We are currently a very large agency that provides a wide menu of services to individuals with disabilities.  Our 20 residential homes in Otsego and Chenango Counties support 120 individuals.  We currently provide Medicaid Service Coordination to 450 families as well as 300 families who receive Res Hab, Day Hab or Respite in the individual’s home.  We have 5 Day Hab programs and a Residential School Program which is our flagship program.  We serve children from all over the state who are between the age of 5 and 21 whose school district cannot provide an appropriate educational program.  Springbrook employs approximately 800 people and is also serves as a Fiscal Employer Agent for the CSS program.  We are an agency who sees a need and responds accordingly.  The CSS program is growing and therefore the need for Support and Start Up Brokers is great.  Springbrook would like to fulfill that need.  Our reputation speaks volumes for our commitment and dedication to individuals with disabilities. We work well with families and we believe that we can be a great support to those who decide to embark on the CSS process. 
Serving: Otsego; Chenango; Delaware

Claudia Tracy
Phone: (607) 272 3319
Languages spoken other than English: French
Counties Served: Tompkins, Cortland, Seneca, Tioga
M.Ed and Substance Abuse Counselor; 10 years experience doing individual, group and family counseling; parent with 2 children with autism; developed CSS plan for both of my children.

Unity House of Cayuga County Inc.
Contactperson:  Am Carioggia
408 East State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 272-1741 xt. 222 or (315)253-6227

31 years in operation serving individuals with MR/DD, MH person centered; Extensive budgeting experience; Proficient with all funding regulations; Extensive knowledge of community resources; Long-term experience with traditional model Day Hab, residential and competitive employment services.
Serving:  Tompkins; Onondaga; Cayuga; Seneca

Susan Utter
401 Roberts Street
Canastota, NY 13032
Phone: (315) 697-9515
Counties Served: Madison, Onondaga, Oneida
I have been providing services for 28 years in such capacities as residential manager, vocational counselor, day habiltitation, service coordinator, job coach and job development.I have been assisting individuals with developing circles of support and person-centered plans for over 12 years. I have been working on self-determination and budgets since the first pilot in 1998. I have creative service development skills and networking skills. I have degrees in Behavioral Science (BA) and Graphic Design.

Milagros (Millie) Vazquez
3013 Watson Blvd.
Endwell, NY 13760
(607) 761-4576

I am currently attending Broome Community College majoring in EMT/Paramedic.  I have volunteered at Binghamton Fire Department and Childrens’ Health Fair.  I also was a temporary Substitute Teachers’ Aide for the Handicap Childrens’ Association.  Personal Health Aide for CSS through Springbrook, and have participated on several circle of supports. I am also fluent in Spanish speaking.
Serving:  Broome; Tioga; Chenango

Janice Witter
1131 McDonald Road
Mannsville , NY 13661
Phone: (315) 387-5882
Counties Served: Jefferson
I have a Master of Social Work degree and 19 years of experience working directly with people with developmental disabilities; 2 in a voluntary agency and 17 with Sunmount DDSO as a Service Coordinator. My experience includes people from age 3 to 80; living with family, in certified residential settings and Family Care, and independently; wit a wide variety of interests and abilities. as a Service Coordinator, I used the philosophy of person centered planning to help individuals reach their goals of obtaining the services needed to become as independent as they could and to live a full life.

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