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1 How has the assistance that SA has been sending over the past year helped Jigiya?

The assistance sent by SA has helped Jigiya very much. It has affected the life of most of our members. Some retailers have become boutique owners today. We can solve many problems by ourselves without bothering our parents or relatives. We hope we will enjoy a better life thanks to SA’s assistance. Members with significant disabilities have been using their donations to buy prescriptions.

 2 What opportunities does Jigiya have now that they have not had before they knew SA?

It’s not possible to tell about all the opportunities here. SA has permitted our association to be well-known. This affected our life very much. We couldn’t have debt because of our disability. SA’s assistance has permitted us to solve this problem. Moreover, people have begun to trust us and we feel more in security. Our chairman is invited to official ceremonies by local authorities (the association had been looked down upon for years)

3 We have heard that food is hard to get in Africa. Are members of Jigiya able to get enough food?

Food is really hard to get here. Very few people (including Jigiya members) can afford the three regular meals of the day. Disabled persons suffer the more where healthy people have problems to get food. We are trying to solve the problem through cereal banking. We bought some millet in the past harvest time that we are reselling. But all the members of Jigiya can’t take advantage from this directly now because of the lack of money.  We wish the 177 members of the association had enough food to eat. With more financial support cereal banking will solve our food problem and enable us to do other things

4 What are Jigiya’s needs over the next year?

  • Enough food crops in our bank of cereals to be distributed free to our members in hard times.
  • Support for medication: we are particularly vulnerable to diseases because of extreme poverty. Distributing permeated mosquito nets can reduce malaria. Free financial support to patients who’s parents cannot afford their medical cares.
  • In the long run we will need a centre for hair dressing sewing Knitting and a seat for our meetings.  
  • Has Jigiya been able to share its experience with SA with other group of people with disabilities in Mali ?

Jigiya’s experience with SA has been a school. We’re sharing it with many people. Four other associations of disabled people have come to get information and ideas from us. We even intend to create a federation with all these associations in Markala.

  • Three persons helped by Jigiya.

Fatoumata N’Diaye :
I took some money from jigiya’s funds. It helped me a lot because I use it to do petty trade ( clothes, shoes etc…) .  I got benefit from this activity. So could cloth myself and solve many of our family problems.

Kassim Dembélé: I’ m a retailer. I took 10 000 FCFA from jigiya to help myself. This money permitted me to increase my revenue. As a result I could fix up my motorcycle and solve many small problems.

Bah Kané:
I am the head of a family of about forty persons. I live on two activities: farming and fishing. I took 35 000FCFA from jigiya’s to fertilizers. I got lots of rice. The Association guaranteed me at the bank. I took a loan to buy fishing net and a canoe. Truly speaking Jigiya’s help has greatly improved my living conditions. Without jigiya’s help I wouldn’t have been able to feed my family last year.

  • Jigiya’s questions to SA.
  • How long has SA been created?
  •  How many members do you have presently?
  • How do you manage to raise funds to help us?
  • What is the relationship between SA and the US government?
  • Are you getting any advantage from Jigiya and SA’s partnership?

We are very grateful for all that you are doing to help us. Peace to you and your families.


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