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Medicaid Service Coordination
Your Choices
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~ Rules for Service Coordination
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~ Choices
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Choices You Have

If you feel your service coordinator is not working to improve your working relationship you can:

1. Choose to speak to their supervisor. Their name and number will be on your basic agreement form. If you feel your issue has not been resolved you can follow the grievance procedure for your agency. This procedure is usually attached to your rights packet. If you can not find it, you can request a copy from your service coordinator. You may want to discuss this with members of your circle of support. This may be a place to find someone to help you if you need assistance filing a grievance.

2. You may choose to change service coordinators within your agency. You may already know who you want. Be aware that a service coordinator is only allowed to work with up to 30 people. Some may only be able to work with 25 depending on who they are working with. If the person you want already works with 30 people, you will need to pick someone else.

To do this: You change service coordinators within your agency you can tell your service coordinator or your service coordinator's supervisor.

3. You may choose to change the vendor (agency) that provides service coordination to you. Your local DDSO can give you a list of vendors in you area. You may also choose the DDSO to provide service coordination to you.

To do this: You can tell your service coordinator, your service coordinator's supervisor or your local DDSO.

Note: If problems should continue to exist, you should take into consideration the matter of changing service coordinators. You will not successfully be able to get the services you want if you change service coordinators every few months. When changing service coordinators you should consider interviewing candidates.

4. You also have the option of not having Medicaid Service Coordination. Perhaps you no longer need a service coordinator. You should evaluate if you really need service coordination. You can get service coordination in the future if it is needed again.

To do this: Tell your service coordinator. Forms will be filled out and sent to OMRDD to review your request for withdrawal from Medicaid Service Coordination.



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