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Medicaid Service Coordination
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~ Introduction - What is it all about?
~ Rules for Service Coordination
~ Paperwork
~ Working Out Issues
~ Choices
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Making it Work for Me!

Medicaid Service Coordinators are hired by you to help you achieve your dreams.

By working together , you can take control of the services you receive. You can choose the direction of your life. Your Service Coordinator’s role is to coordinate services that will help you in accomplishing your dreams.

Circle of support

A circle of support is a group of people you have chosen to help you. These people may be family, close friends, a teacher, mentor, or a person of importance to you. Your circle may help you explore your dreams and desires. A circle’s role is to support you in helping yourself. Their role may vary from person to person as each of us are individuals and have different strengths and abilities.

You can use your Circle of Support to help you choose and focus on activities that will help you accomplish your life’s dreams.

Your Medicaid Service Coordinator should be responsive to you and your circle.

The Basic Agreement

The basic agreement spells out how frequently your Medicaid Service Coordinator will meet with you. This agreement also informs you of your rights and responsibilities related to Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC).

Two important documents are: Your Individual Service Plan (ISP),and your Service Coordination Agreement which consists of a Basic Agreement, and a Activity Plan.

Activity Plan

The Activity Plan is the second part of the service coordination agreement. This document describes the most important service coordination activities you want and need. The services you want your Service Coordinator to provide needs to be documented here as well as in your ISP.


If your Medicaid Service Coordinator is not acting upon your requests, take control. Talk with your service coordinator. Talk with their supervisor. If you cannot resolve the situation, you have several options:

  • Tell your Service Coordinator that you want a new Service Coordinator.
  • You can contact the agency that provides your MSC (referred to as a vendor) to request a new Service Coordinator
  • You can request a new vendor.(Assistance is provided through the DDSO)
  • The DDSO can create a new opportunities at a vendor for you if none are available.
  • The DDSO can provide service coordination to you.


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