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What We're Doing with Medicaid Service Coordination

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Our involvement with Medicaid Service Coordination has evolved over the last several years. We've listened to self-advocates talk about what they want and brought their issues back to the Medicaid Service Coordination Steering Committee. We've asked for changes in the way service coordinators work with self-advocates.

During this time we were approached by O.M.R.D.D. and asked if the Self-Advocacy Association would be interested in participating in the Core Training for new service coordinators as co-trainers. The board reviewed this and agreed to a partnership in training. The board also requested this project include training to self-advocates on the changes to Medicaid Service Coordination.

People have shared with us that they often do not have copies of their Individual Service Plan's and at times no one has read to them what is in it. Your Individual Service Plan (I.S.P.) is required paperwork for your service coordinator to complete. It should be shared with you. It should reflect the services you have requested and where you get them from. This paperwork is minimally updated at your six month review.

Two important documents are: Your I.S.P., and your Service Coordination Agreement which consists of a Basic Agreement and an Activity Plan. Both should reflect the services you desire. The basic agreement spells out how frequently your Medicaid Service Coordinator will meet with you. This agreement also informs you of your rights and responsibilities related to Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC).

The Activity Plan is the second part of the service coordination agreement. This document describes the most important service coordination activities you want and need. The services you want your Service Coordinator to provide needs to be documented here, as well as in your ISP.

If your Medicaid Service Coordinator is not acting upon your requests, take control. Talk with your service coordinator. Talk with their supervisor. If you are still not satisfied, you can follow your agency's grievance policy.

If you choose to change service coordinators, you have several options. You can choose another service coordinator from the same agency. You can choose another service coordinator from another agency. You can ask the DDSO to assist you in finding a service coordinator. The DDSO could provide service coordination.

You also have an option not to get service coordination. We caution you to think carefully about this option. If you really need service coordination and want to opt out because you do not like your service coordinator, you should consider looking for another service coordinator.

If you are interested in having us do this training for you, your group, or your agency contact us

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