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Rules for Medicaid Service Coordination

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~ Introduction - What is it all about?
~ Rules for Service Coordination
~ Paperwork
~ Working Out Issues
~ Choices
~ Brochure
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Part of your basic agreement includes some responsibilities that you and your service coordinator agree to do.

Your service coordinator agrees to:

  1. Work with you, your family or advocate to develop, implement and maintain a plan Individualized Service Plan, (ISP) for the services and supports you need and want to meet your goals.

  2. Meet with you * time(s) per month as we have agreed to and as stated in your Service Coordinator Agreement Activity Plan. The MSC program requires that he or she meet with you once each month. These meetings can take place in your home, or any other location you both agree upon. At least once every three months, one of these meetings must be held in your home. At these meetings, you both will talk about your satisfactions with the services and supports you are receiving, any changes you may want to make to your plan (ISP), and your progress in meeting your goals.

    * A number you and your service coordinator agree to would be here.

  3. Pursue changes to any part of your plan or any part of this agreement that you, your family, or advocate would like changed.

  4. In order to help you obtain the services and supports you need and want, your service coordinator will make sure the activities in the Service Coordination Agreement Activity Plan are completed.

  5. You have the right to make an informed choice of the service coordinator and service coordination vendor who will serve you. If you think you would be better served by another service coordinator, you may call your service coordinator or their supervisor to provide you with information about other service coordinators within the agency. If you would like to change your service coordination vendor, your service coordinator will refer you to the local DDSO which will help you find a new service coordination vendor. If no vendors are available, the DDSO can provide this service if you want.


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