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Medicaid Service Coordination
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~ Introduction - What is it all about?
~ Rules for Service Coordination
~ Paperwork
~ Working Out Issues
~ Choices
~ Brochure
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Service Coordinators do a lot of paperwork.

It's important to become familiar with this paperwork. You should be involved in the development of your paperwork and have the right to see any and all of your paperwork. If you can't read ask your service coordinator to read it to you.

Two important documents are, your Individual Service Plan, and your Service Coordination Agreement. The service coordination agreement consists of a Basic Agreement, and Activity Plan. Both should reflect the services you desire.

Individual Service Plan

Your Individual Service Plan (ISP) is required paperwork for your service coordinator to complete. It should reflect who you are as a person and your goals in life. It identifies the services you have requested, and where you get these services from. It discusses your progress with the services you receive. It also discusses any significant changes in you life since your last meeting. This paperwork is minimally updated, at your six-month reviews.

The Service Coordination Agreement

Your service coordination agreement consists of two forms. The basic agreement and the activity plan. In the next few pages you will see blank copies of these forms and explanation of what should be on these pages.

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