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SANYS Comments on OMRDD's June 09, 507 Plan

1. Introductory comments--President David Liscomb
2. How can we support more employment?
-- Presented by Shameka Andrews
3. What steps can we take to make the system more person centered? -- Presented By David Liscomb
4. What is working? -- Presented by Marilyn Stata
5. Final Written Statement--From Me to We! Yes We Can! -- Presented by SANYS Executive Committee
6. Individualized Supports Think Tank 2009 Recommendations--June 09

OMRDD Comprehensive Plan Forums—June, 2009
Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS)
Response to Question 5: What Steps can we take to make the
system more person centered and individualized?
Submitted SANYS President, David Liscomb

Good Afternoon Commissioner Ritter!

My name is David Liscomb. I am president of the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State. I want to share some ideas from our organization about how our system can be more person centered and individualized and how we can make it happen. To be brief I’m going to simply list some of our ideas:

Keep emphasizing the people first point of view in all OMRDD communications; people with developmental disabilities will lead richer lives when everyone sees each of us as individuals and people first.

Create opportunities for individualized supports despite and because of the challenge of the budget. Use the scarce new dollars available to OMRDD to support people in less costly more individualized non-24 hours living situations.

Help people who live and work in high cost situations but don’t need or want those services to move on and free up funding for people who need that level of support.

Do not allow any new day habilitation facilities to be developed; provide support and incentives and make it easier for providers to reduce the size of current day-hab and provide individual supports in the community

We would like to ask this question? Are Civil Service and Union practices consistent with, and supportive of, person centered and individualized supports?

Simplify funding streams that support individualized services this year, make it happen.

Continue to expand and support key learning opportunities like
NYSACRA’s learning institute.

Ensure that person centered practices are an expectation at all programs including State Operated Facilities. Quality Management should rate all homes and day services on people’s satisfaction with person centered outcomes.

Do whatever possible to enhance pay, support and training of direct support professionals. Having great, caring staff who we can develop relationships with is so important to us.


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