Songs of self-advocacy and self-determination

The World’s Greatest Commissioner—Tom Maul

You tell us that together
We can build a better
Tomorrow, and we have
Cause you’re the World's Greatest Commissioner
You’re the world’s Greatest Commissioner

He started with the State in 64
42 years of distinguished service
Who would of thought     that a (G) young
Junior Reimbursement agent
Would grow    up    to    (G) be

The worlds greatest Commissioner


He’s generous with his time
Often says yes when he’s invited
In 14 years he’s been to 2000 dinners
That’s a lot of mystery meats and chicken surprises
Not to mention all those after dinner treats
We calculate that he’s eaten several hundred cakes
More brownies than can counted
And enough cookies to fill your plates
All in the line of duty
Just one of the sacrifices he makes

Cause he’s the world’s greatest Commissioner


He’s the number one Buffalo Bills fan
Pretty soon they’re gonna say he’s the Man
When he comes to his team’s aid
Helping to fund a new stadium with Medicaid

Cause he’s the world’s greatest Commissioner

He’s cat lover to the seventh degree
But with some animals he’ll take a pass
Like the Heritage cow
Who bit him in the ……
Cause he’s the world’s greatest Commissioner


(D) Let’s talk about his (G)  legacy
(D) Some say it’s his fiscal  wizar (G) dry
(D)Others say his tops will be (G)OPTS
(D)But we think it’s the way   he (G) cares
The way he cares about you and me
Cause he’s the World's Greatest Commissioner

(D)We’ve learned a lot from  (G)him
(D) He’s learned a lot from (G) us
(D)It’s a relationship built on friendship and  (G)trust
(D)His policy is always open (G) door
(D) He’s listened to us and so much (G)more
He’s a man who walks the talk

And he’s the world’s greatest Commissioner

Tom,  we have a question for you
One question before we're through?
Do you know how much
We all love you?
Cause, you're the World's Greatest Commissioner


Written by Steve Holmes and the Self-Advocacy Executive Committee 11/14/06




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