Songs of self-advocacy and self-determination

Oh, Linda we’ll never forgot you

(D) (C) Linda made waves not ripples
(G) (D) Her life was an expression of love
(D) (C) She taught us much with her joy and pain
(C) (D) But most of all she gave us Rain

In a large black binder she gathered the stories
Of families in need of the support of a friend
In her living room she created Parent to Parent
Everyone who met her loved her to the end

When Rain was born she made a vow
Her daughter would live a full life somehow
She would go to school with other kids
Learn to be strong, and I think she did

Oh, Linda we’ll never forget you
Your sweet soft voice, the strength of your will
(D)And the things that you started, the (C) people you inspired
All going strong still

Rain pointed out to me
Her mom did make some Rippels
In fact she made three
Rain, Bob and Kate, added to the family tree



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