Olga's Story

My name is Olga. I like Ballston Spa. I like my job and my friends. I like the people I work with at day hab.

I have a good boss. I want a good life. I want another job. I want to work in a hotel and I want to clean in a hotel. I want to make more money so I can go to Florida. I would like to go to school and learn how to read and write. Someday I want to get my own place.

Happiness is more important than money, and so is health. I like to go to my family's house to visit. I am smart. I like animals and I have a bird named Rosey.

I like the people that I live with. I work at Doctor Case's office where I clean bathrooms. I enjoy going to the community center and playing basketball, and I like my dog Buddy.

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