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Vision Board for 2008/09
Creating Our Future -  March 08

Introduction from the SANYS Board: The following is a list of the key goals and activities that SANYS intends to engage in over the next few years as we continue to help evolve our system to one that:

  • Supports all of us with a developmental disability to be contributing members of our community;
  • Listens to us when we speak-up for ourselves and others on all issues that effect our lives;
  • Provides an array of choices of services including person centered and designed supports.  

Support SANYS Grass Roots

  • Increase our efforts to teach basic self-advocacy skills to all people supported by OMRDD with both traditional and non-traditional supports
  • Work with future self-advocates in schools
  • Continue to develop and support self-advocacy groups and hold regional gatherings and leadership activities
  • Increase our efforts to speak-up for people who can’t speak for themselves
  • Continue to implement new By-laws regarding groups
  • Continue supporting state wide and regional conferences
  • Increase our efforts to recruit and support self-advocacy advisors
  • Increase our use of the Internet and technology to communicate and support self-advocates, groups, and leaders.
  • Increase our partnership activities with provider associations and agencies that are committed to supporting self-advocates to 1) create the supports they want and 2) share a leadership role in system and organizational change.

Develop our system’s and SANYS' Capacity to support people's individualized goals for self-advocacy and related work and volunteer activities:

  • Support for self-advocacy, Speakers Bureau, AmeriCorps activities
  • Included community volunteering
  • Individualized day and employment supports
  • Create new self-advocate run related organization to accomplish the above
  • Create opportunities for people with disabilities to work within our system of support through internships and other opportunities including: staff training, quality assurance, and direct support

Continue and strengthen our "Nothing About Us Without Us" approach

  • Continue our partnership activities with OMRDD Central and Regional Offices
  • Continue to support SA/OMRDD retreat activities
  • More self-advocates on provider boards
  • Continue to increase self-advocate roles in key councils and advisory groups

Continue to advocate for the support and the development of new choices and individualized supports

  • Think Tank
  • Self-Determination
  • We Have Choices
  • We Have Choices, Too
  • More focus on Students in Transition

Promote all the good things about our system of support—it is not broken. We intend to help tell all the good stories including:

  • People who are achieving their life dreams through supports from OMRDD
  • OMRDD and Provider support of self-advocacy
  • New choices that are emerging through CSS and OPTS
  • Involvement of self-advocates on Councils and Committees
  • Partnerships and cooperative activities
  • The commitment of the direct care workforce and administrative leadership throughout the system
  • The stories of the leaders of the self-advocacy movement

OMRDD Name Change

  • Propose an OMRDD Name Change

Focus on Developmental Centers

  • Create a Developmental Center Committee that will focus on teaching self-advocacy skills to people living in developmental centers and
  • Advocate for the reduction of the number of people living in Developmental Centers
  • Increase community based options

Workforce: Advocacy for direct support professionals

  • Caring direct support staff are essential to our lives
  • It's about relationships
  • Ensure adequate training, support and commitment of direct support staff in both State and Provider Workforce

Strengthen our community participation and outreach

  • Continue but evolve our AmeriCorps Project
  • Expand our Speakers Bureau presentations by evolving our speakers bureau to one that is
  • Focus on Faith Communities

Giving back to our community and our world

  • Promotion of Community Service 
  • Djigiya

We Can Never Forget—Honoring the Past

  • History and Memorials

Network with other groups of people with disabilities.

  • Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council
  • Cross State Agency Advocacy
  • Voting accessibility efforts
  • Transportation issue

Increase our national advocacy efforts on Medicaid and other key policies that affect the lives and supports of all people with developmental disabilities


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