On October 24, 2006, a monument was unveiled at a ceremony at Jollys Cemetery in Perrysburg, NY. The monument is dedicated to the past residents of the JN Adam Developmental Center, Gowanda State Hospital, and the West Seneca Developmental Center. About 400 individuals were honored in this ceremony, which was sponsored by People Inc.
Please see below for photos and comments from the ceremony.
“Just wanted to let you know how moving the ceremony was yesterday. Thank you for all of the special touches.
It truly was a heartwarming gesture that I will never forget.”
memorial headstone
“Standing in a remote cemetery on a cold day, seeing the unmarked field where so many lie interned virtually unnoticed, and then to hear the stories and the names…it became very clear that what you accomplished at that cemetery was the right thing and a very good thing. The sun came out for a reason during the reading of those names. I congratulate everyone involved.”

memorial text

“I wanted to let you know how beautiful today’s ceremony was. It was very poignant and respectful, the perfect balance.  
I was very moved by Jack’s speech; I certainly don’t think of the impact that I have on people’s life, both positive and negative, and I hope that I will be more aware of that, as well as to let those to whom I provide services know as well.”